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Shall you preffer it, you can directly send me an email to:


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Wich means that you can use, modify, and share this work or its modifications, as long as you give credit to me (for example, by linking to this page) and you keep this license unchanged.

So, go on! Start copynd and downloading as though there were no tomorrow.

Privacy policy

Let's be honest. Nobody likes being tracked. At least I don't. That's why I don't track you.

I try to collect as few personal information about you as posible. No registration is needed to download anything, no email subscription to see any content on the page, no identification when posting a comment (beyond an alias of your choice), no third party code to track visits...

That being said, there are a few thigs I store about you. I require a valid email address when sending me a private message from the contact page, so I'm able to get back at you. I also register your IP address when browsing the page, but only because it's the only reliable way to measure unique visitors.

And that's pretty much it. Rest assured that I'm the only one who can access this pieces of information. And frankly, It's not like I would go over the list of IP wondering about you.

Cookie policy

Being consequent with the previous paragraph, I've got bad news.

No cookies here.